Thank you for seeing the Website of Yoshiyuki FUKUI .
There are three categories in this site.

"Super-realism" introduces works which are drawn between 1986 and 1993 (a part of works is excluded) .
Most works are mainly drawn on the illustration-board with an airbrush.
They are completed while looking at material for several weeks or months.

After the technique of the painting of super-realism had been completed to some degree, it began to draw the work of the Fantasy type.
They are often drawn with the air brush as well as the super-realism.
After drawing various images in the sketchbook to draw them, I start producing because the world in the picture is due to a complete imagination.

As for the landscape series, the style is different between initial works and recent works.
The initial works has succeeded the style of the Fantasy style. Therefore, imaginary world are often drawn.
As for recent works, the scenery that is actually is drawn by interpreting my own way. They seem to be returned to the style of the super-realism.
The technique is greatly different from the super-real. Not the airbrush to draw them but the brush is much used mainly. They might look as shown in the photograph.
When you see them from a place a little away, I think that the touch of the brush is found well when you see the original picture in the vicinity.

Several of my works are sold as prints produced by the technique of piezograph. Please see the page of "for sale" if you like it.